Master 2 mention Chimie, parcours Green and Sustainable Catalysis

Master 2 mention Chimie, parcours Green and Sustainable Catalysis

groupe d'étudiants et d'étudiantes en situation de travaux pratique dans un laboratoire de chimie


The aim of this programme is to train and form high level graduates in the field of catalysis and sustainable chemistry and of the synthesis of organic and organometallic molecules and molecular materials in the context of the development of new products and new eco-compatible processes. Catalysis is the most interdisciplinary technology in the chemical industry and is involved in many industrial applications such as fine chemicals, materials, energy, etc.). Additionally, catalysis is a cornerstone in the environmental protection (recycling of waste and reduction of greenhouse gases). Graduated will be involved in the development of green and sustainable future.

En pratique

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Master mention Chimie, parcours Green and Sustainable Catalysis
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bac+5 et plus
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This program is accecible for students in initial formation directly after a Licence 3 of chemistry (or BsC equivalent diploma) and to employees and job seekers in a continuing formation process.

Et après ?

Devenir des diplômés

Throughout the two years master's program, students benefit from individual and/or collective support for professional integration, offered by SOIE department and the teachers.

During the week dedicated to professional integration and entrepreneurship, they build their personal project in a wide range of workshops, conferences, speed-meetings, and business forums. The teaching teams, with the strong support of the Rennes 1 Foundation, set up sponsorships, meetings with professionals, company visits, conferences specific to each training course.

Follow this link to have more information about what the students sis after their studies, diplômés de Rennes.

Poursuite d'études

Graduates from the Green and Sustainable Catalysis programme can enter directly in the “work life” or start a PhD in chemistry within the laboratories of the University of Rennes, and the laboratories of other French or foreign universities (Germany, Switzerland, UK, Netherlands, Sweden, etc.)

Types de métiers

The graduates can work in academia or industry as R&D engineers, production chemical engineers, industrial production managers, etc...

Recherche & international

Lien avec la recherche

This program is associated to the Institute of Chemical Sciences of Rennes (ISCR), one of the largest research centers in chemistry, recognized by the CNRS. The ISCR has strong recognition at the highest international level with numerous associated international laboratories (China, Chile, India, Australia).

This master also associated to ScanMat federative service unit (Synthesis, Characterization, Analysis, Molecules, Materials) which integrates different platforms such as the Research Center for Physical.

Measurements of the West (CRMPO), the Center for Diffractometry and the Center for Innovation and Technological Research (CRIT).

Echanges internationaux

Internships can be performed in foreign countries, notably thanks to Erasmus program.

Organisation pédagogique

The first semester is organized to provide fundamental knowledge on catalysis, molecular materials (synthesis & applications), polymers and biodegradable polymers, green and sustainable chemistry). The students will have to perform a team green project with the target to reinvent a greener synthesis of a molecule or process.). Lectures will be given physically.

The second semester is dedicated to the Master thesis (30 ECTS).

Modalités d'évaluation

Examination terms & conditions

The aptitudes and the acquisition of knowledge and skills of the Teaching Units (UE) are done by a
final examination.

Validation of the master diploma

The master diploma is obtained by validation of the 2 years of master (Master 1 and Master 2)
which correspond the acquisition of 120 ECTS credits.

Pour en savoir plus

The complete MCCC General Provisions are available for download :

MCCC : 22-23

The MCCC detailed by degree are voted each year in CFVU. They can be consulted on the ENT for students and trainees registered in training.

Liens avec le monde professionnel

M2: Master thesis (Internship) during the full academic year (2 days/week during the first semester then full time during the semester -4 to 6 months) in academia or industry

    Formation initiale

    Responsable(s) pédagogique(s)

    Christophe DARCEL


    Scolarité sciences et philosophie
    263 avenue du Général Leclerc
    35042 RENNES
    02 23 23 63 27
    sciences-scol [at]
    Christophe DARCEL
    christophe.darcel [at]
    Service orientation insertion entrepreneuriat (SOIE)
    1 rue de la Borderie
    35000 RENNES
    02 23 23 39 79
    soie [at]


    Please note that each program has specific deadlines for submitting applications. To know them, please refer to the online application platform in the "training offer" tab.

    Responsable(s) pédagogique(s)

    Christophe DARCEL


    Florence MORFOISSE
    Chargée de mission
    florence.morfoisse [at]
    Mélissa DURAND
    Assistante de formation
    melissa.durand [at]


    Ce parcours type étant exclusivement dispensé en anglais, les candidat.e.s qui souhaitent postuler doivent avoir un très bon niveau (écrit et parlé) dans cette langue.

    Il est possible d'accéder à cette formation sans être titulaire des titres requis via une validation de vos acquis personnels et professionnels (VAPP).
    En savoir plus sur ce dispositif facilitant votre entrée en formation.

    Modalités de candidature et constitution du dossier

    Merci de prendre contact avec le SFCA avant tout dépôt de candidature pour les connaitre les modalités spécifiques à la formation continue.

    Coût de la formation

    Pour l'année universitaire 2023-2024 :
    Master 1 : 4 300 €
    Master 2 : 5 500 €

    Des modalités de financement adaptées sont possibles en fonction de situations individuelles. Notre équipe pourra vous accompagner en ce sens.
    En savoir plus sur les modalités de financement de votre formation.

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