Bachelor in Business and Applied Economics

Bachelor in Business and Applied Economics

étudiants et étudiantes de la faculté des sciences économiques de Rennes - Université de Rennes 1


The Bachelor Program in Business and Applied Economics is a two-semester program. It is entirely taught in English in small group classes.

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Bachelor in business and applied economics
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Compétences développées

The lectures cover a broad range of topics in Economics: microeconomics, macroeconomics, applied, public, international and business economics... You will also get the opportunity to learn and use the Bloomberg database and take the Bloomberg certificate (BMC).

Les plus de la formation

Before arrival and during your stay, you will benefit from several types of assistance:

  • Course support by Professors and Head of program
  • Administrative, integration, lodging support by the program coordinator, the International Office and the International Mobility Center

Organisation pédagogique

All courses are taught in English.

You need to earn 60 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits.

Study plans are very flexible. The only condition for you to validate a Bachelor in Business and Applied Economics is that you need to earn at least 70% of total credits (40 credits) with economic courses. Remaining credits can mix French courses, English courses, sport or other economic courses.

Depending on your project, you can build a customized study program:

  • Plan with economic courses only : you need to select all ECO-units;
  • Plan with economic courses and intensive FLE (French as a Foreign Language) : you need to select 40 ECTS credits from ECO-units, 5 or 10 ECTS credits for intensive FLE (Units FLE1 and FLE2) and 10 or 15 other credits (sport or Business English 1/2 or other ECO-units);
  • Or any combination of the two previous plans.

Courses are taught by senior lecturers from the Faculty of Economics.

To enhance your immersion in France, you will also be offered the opportunity to study French as a foreign language. Depending on your proficiency, you may consider taking different courses: beginner, elementary, intermediate or advanced courses.

Liens avec le monde professionnel

You may complete an internship (up to 3 months) after the two academic semesters.

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    Droits d'inscription

    The tuition fees amount to 4 500 euros for the full year. These include registration fees and access to the facilities (library & sport facilities, language courses). These do not include transportation and accommodation costs.

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